Tax Update January 2019

The Tax Update January 2019 covers the provision for food and drink to all employees and the benefit in kind in certain area which can be deducted from the gross income for the employer based on the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 167/PMK.03/2018. Download our Tax Update here:

Tax Update November 2018

The Tax Update November 2018 covers the new procedures for applying the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement under the Directorate General of Tax Regulation No. PER-25/PJ/2018. Download our Tax Update here:

Tax Update October 2018

The Tax Update October 2018 covers the indicators of taxpayers that will be the priority target for potential tax revenue. Download our Tax Update here:

Tax Update August 2018

The Tax Update August 2018 provides the list of countries having Qualifying Competent Authority Agreement (QCAA) for the exchange of Country by Country Report (CbCR) with Indonesia. Download our Tax Update here:

Transfer Pricing Guide Vol. 2 – July 2018

We will regularly publish the Transfer Pricing Guide to provide brief explanation on the transfer pricing rules in Indonesia. In this publication, the Transfer Pricing Guide consist of: Functional Analysis Comparability Factors Business Classification Download our Tax Update here: