Tax Update

Tax Update January 2018

In 2015, Ministry of Finance has issued a regulation No. PMK-169/PMK.010/2015 (“PMK-169”) to regulate the debt to equity ratio of 4:1 for the calculation of Income Tax. If the debt to equity ratio exceeds the ratio of 4:1, the interest expense can be deductible limited to the maximum ratio of 4:1. Recently, the Directorate General […]

Indonesian Transfer Pricing Documents Guideline

SSJK Consulting has published the Indonesian Transfer Pricing Documents Guideline based on the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 213/PMK.03/2016. Under this regulation, every taxpayer who has related party transaction should prepare 3 tiered Transfer Pricing Documentation, i.e. Master File, Local File, and Country by Country Reporting (CbCR). Download the guideline here:

Tax Update December 2017

Directorate General of Tax Regulation has issued a regulation No. 18/PJ/2017 (“PER-18″) regarding verification procedures of the Income Tax payment for the income on transfer of land and/or building, and the Agreement for Sale Purchase of Land and/or Building (PPJB). According to PER-18, the Tax Office will perform Formal and Material Verification to verify the payment of […]